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Spotify stat generators I'm loving rn

Are you tired of just looking at your regular ol' Spotify Wrapped every year? Do you want to dive deeper into your listening habits and see some truly unique stats? Keep reading to be introduced to some of the coolest Spotify websites out there that can help you do just that.

I will show off some of my stats throughout this post, so feel free to roast me in the comments.

Show off your Obscure Music Taste on Spotify with "Obscurify"

This website not only shows you your top artists, songs, and genres but also provides a "musical identity score" based on how unique your listening habits are. This score is based on how similar or dissimilar your taste in music is to other users on Spotify. So if you're looking to really stand out and show off your eclectic taste, Obscurify is the perfect website for you.

With the above top ten genres on my Spotify, my obscurity rating comes in at a 49%. This means my listening habits are more obscure than 49% of more than 1.7 million U.S. users on Obscurify. The higher rating, the more obscure the music taste is. Obscurify tells me I'm pretty balanced and that I enjoy popular music, but venture into the unknown.

Compare your obscure music to mine here.

See if you have bad taste with "How Bad is Your Streaming Music?"

The home page says that sophisticated A.I. judges your 'awful taste in music.' This works for both Spotify and Apple Music users, so you are all included. Except for your weirdos who listen to Pandora. Seriously, what is wrong with you?! Anyway.

You log into your account, it loads your listening history and then it begins to judge and insult you about your music taste. Although I have no clue why it has beef with Paramore's new album lol.

It specifically asked me how my emotional state was after finding a lot of Taylor Swift in my listening history, after roasting me for being a Harry stan.

After asking me to play fuck, marry, kill between a few of my top artists and a few more judgy questions, it deemed my Spotify as a Swiftie-fangirl-regional-touring-company-bought-a-dress-after-seeing-it-on-harry-styles-bad. While I am not totally sure what that entails or means, I identify with the vibe and would say it is spot on.

It roasted my music taste for being "Twitter-fighting bad," "stan-army-lieutenant bad," and "trendy-middle-part" bad, which I particularly resent. I repeat, why did this AI hate Paramore's album so much?

Basically, the site uses the information provided by Spotify to create witty comments and jokes about your music taste, poking fun at you in a playful way. They take data from your top played songs, including album, genre, artist, and track information, and present it to you in a humorous and often surprisingly accurate manner. You'll find yourself nodding in agreement and laughing at how well the websites capture your musical preferences.

Ringing up your Spotify favorites on Recieptify

A simple but effective way to view your most played songs in a unique "receipt" format! With Receiptify, you can view your top songs from the last month, last 6 months, and all-time. Not only does it display the number of minutes for each song, but it also gives you the total at the bottom of the "receipt."

This website is perfect for those who want a fun way to showcase their music taste on social media. It has options to see your stats for your last month of listening, last six months of listening and your all time stats.

Create a fire festival lineup on Instafest

Instafest is a website that lets you create a customized music festival lineup based on your most-played artists on Spotify. The bigger the artist's name on your lineup, the more you've listened to them. With Instafest, you can choose a festival based on your top artists for the last month, the last six months, or all time. Plus, you can switch up the look of the graphic to fit your aesthetic, between Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk.

You can also ask it to show your "basic score." The Basic Score gives you a rating from 0-100 based on how niche your festival music is. A low score means your festival features more niche artists, while a high score means your festival has mostly popular artists. If you'd like to share your Basic Score with your festival lineup, you can enable the "Show my Basic Score" option in the customization menu.

Take a deep look at your taste with Icebergify

Icebergify is a website that sorts your top 50 most played artists based on their popularity or obscurity. The website will organize the artists at the top of the list if they are super popular, while the less popular ones will be closer to the bottom.

Additionally, Icebergify may also include musicians that you haven't listened to in a while. If you don't listen to any artists in a certain level of popularity, that level will appear blank on the list. It's a fun way to see where your music taste lies on the popularity spectrum.

Icebergify uses "popularity" rankings calculated with accessible Spotify data. Streams, shares, saves, likes, and followers, among other factors, are taken into account.

Stack up Your Spotify Against Others with MusicTaste.Space

Looking to see how your Spotify music tastes stack up against others? This website not only lets you compare your tastes with your friends but also with strangers.

It analyzes your acoustic factors, happiness, energy, and danceability and compares them to the United States average. My own results showed that my songs were 4% happier than the national average, giving me a good mood boost. And that's not all, you can also discover your top genres, artists, and tracks while you're at it.

The website says that it has calculated 5,972,920 matches for 4,940,345 pals in 164 different countries and counting. Compare your stats to mine here.

See your Music Landscape with MusicScape

MusicScape turns your Spotify listening history into a stunning landscape that reflects your recent mood and emotions. The website analyzes your top genres and artists and assigns each one a unique color and shape, creating a beautiful and personalized visualization of your musical preferences.

What's fascinating is that every time you use MusicScape, you get a new and unique landscape that reflects your current listening habits and mood. When I tried it out last week, my landscape was completely different from what I have now. It was filled with vibrant colors and shapes that mirrored my upbeat and cheerful mood.

This just goes to show how much our listening habits and emotions are interconnected. MusicScape can visually represent abstract emotions and make us more aware of how our music choices reflect our inner selves.

Consult the stars with Zodiac Affinity

Zodiac Affinity asks the cosmos which of your recently played songs resonate with your zodiac sign. It chooses five of your liked songs that align with different star signs and I have no idea what the criteria is here, but I liked the vibe.

Music nerds unite with "How NPRcore are you?"

Find out just how much your music taste aligns with NPR Music with the "How NPRcore are you" tool. Simply choose a time period, and the tool will analyze your top tracks and artists to determine what percent NPRcore you are. It will even show you which of your tracks and artists are most NPRcore.

How to unlink your Spotify

After you've had your fun poking around your data, you can easily unlink your account from each site by going to Spotify app settings (opens in a new tab) and selecting "Remove Access."

Rest assured, it's perfectly safe to share your Spotify data with the websites mentioned above. These websites only utilize your data on the surface level and don't actually store it in their databases. However, you should exercise caution and only share your data with websites that you trust. Before sharing any personal information, it's crucial to carefully read the privacy policy of the website and only provide the information that you're comfortable sharing. While Spotify takes great measures to secure your data, it's always important to be mindful of the potential risks that come with sharing information online.


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