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"This is Why" I don't leave the house

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

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I've been inspired by Paramore and its lead singer Hailey Williams since I was in the fourth grade. Gangly and growing into myself, the music of "Riot" and "All We Know is Falling" shaped by youth and my subsequent young adult life (24 is still considered young adult... right?). Regardless, the angst, anger and poetic lyricism drew me in to the band I never knew I needed. As I reflect on my love for the band, over 15 years later, it hasn't soured like the other things I loved at that time (who remembers the long plaid shorts everyone was wearing in 2007?). In fact, their music has progressed and matured as I have, lending me words when I had none and always being a reliable listen despite my teenage moodiness.

With the release of This is Why on February 10, I have been thrust back into my love of Paramore and its music. I was thrilled when Paramore was announced as a headliner for the Super Bowl Music Fest, a three day event. The concert was at the Footprint Center in Downtown Phoenix the "day before" the album release, but before their set was even half finished, the album was officially out nationwide, dropping at midnight on the east coast. We got to hear four of the new songs off the "This Is Why" album, both of the songs featured in Twilight and the queen of them all, "Misery Business." Below is the full set list.

With all of that in mind, "This Is Why" I haven't been leaving the house recently:


Is anyone else obsessed with that lyric in "You First"? Karma really is going to come for all of us. Anyway, using this as the perfect segue into the first reason I have not been leaving the house lately: Horror Movies.

I only learned about the concept of a "final girl" within the last two years. My boyfriend and I watched a Friday the 13th movie on our first date and since then, horror movies have been our thing. Then I read "The Final Girl Support Group" novel by Grady Hendrix, which I mixed feelings on overall, but it drew me into the concept even more. While not every horror movie relies on a final girl, the last few horror movies I've seen have sucked me in and created an amazing atmosphere.


Who knew such a little robot girl could pack a punch? Literally and in the movie experience. "M3gan" had me laughing and on the edge of my seat throughout the 1h 42m film. It is close enough to my 90-minute attention span and had me engaged the entire time. I loved seeing The Haunting of Hill House's Violet McGraw as Cady and "Get Out" star, Allison Williams. Halloween 2023 is sure to see hundreds of M3gans walking around or doing the now viral M3gan dance. My only hope is when it comes back to theaters as a sequel, the marketers call it M2gan (or maybe M3g2n? I think that's too many numbers though).

A Knock At The Cabin

I approached this movie relatively nervously, as the last M. Night Shyamalan movie I saw, "Old", left a poor taste in my mouth with a predictable twist ending and lackluster story. But this movie couldn't be a harder left turn. The movie begins in such a delicate and gentle manner, which makes the graphic nature of the next 1h 40m (again, so close to that 90-minute marker!) so much more jarring. I love Jonathan Groff as Daddy Eric and another big name, Rupert Grint, appears for a smaller role as Redmond, a man with a seedy past. This movie pushes your beliefs and briefly had me wondering who to believe.

The Menu

The RAGE I felt at the end of this movie had me glued to the screen to ensure each and every diner was served exactly what they deserved. Staying spoiler free here, but essentially, a young couple travels to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a bespoke menu with some shocking surprises. Anya Taylor-Joy wows as Margot, a witty, smarter-than-she-looks bombshell, while Nicholas Hoult plays an obnoxious millennial man to a T. Ralph Fiennes plays Chef Slowik and has a chilling performance. I thought this movie was going to be a bit scarier, but it was more of a thrilling movie with bouts of shock. This movie has incredible comedy nuggets and I now require everyone to refer to me as 'chef' while I'm in the kitchen. Hong Chau as Elsa explaining what a tortilla was had me rolling. "It's a tort-i-lla."


I initially started this movie in a theater while I was on a quick trip to San Fransisco but had to leave early, so I restarted it for a lazy couch day and what. a. ride. "Barbarian" is essentially two horror movies in one. Georgina Campbell plays a believable strong-willed and rightfully spooked Tess, while initially Bill Skarsgård's character, Keith, gives off creep-playing-nice vibes. Turns out, Keith is not the only thing Tess needs to worry about. The beginning of the movie focuses on two people who booked the same rental home and the pleasures and horrors of that uncertainty, while the back half is a full-chested jump fest. I liked it, but probably won't be watching again.


Finally, I recently made time to watch Hulu's "Spree" with Joe Keery as the star. Keery plays Kurt, a young rideshare driver with a desperate need for social media attention. What he does to get that attention is.... overkill, literally. This movie covers fame, the pressures of social media and the lengths people will go to in order to feel seen or heard, sort of reminiscent of "Not Okay" with Zoey Deutch. This also was the first instance that I actually liked the way that social media was displayed throughout the movie. The only other movie I have seen come close, is 2021's "Marry Me" with J-Lo. Hopefully more movies use this as an example as a great way to integrate social into another medium.


Track eight, "Liar" inspired the second reason why I'm not leaving the house, the books by my bed!

To the Phoenix Library, this is my personal apology for having three of your books on my bedside table for four months. Thank you so much for continuing to renew my books and for not having any late fees, you truly are the best. I finally have gotten through most of "No Funny Business" by Amanda Aksel and think it a cute, easy read to take your mind off of the insanity of the world in 2023. It follows Olivia and Nick, two stand up comedians on the road, both trying to escape the past. While I haven't made it to the end, I have a strong feeling they are going to create a future together. While it's a book about comedy, there aren't an incredible amount of jokes but there is a whole lot of heart, making my eyes misty once or twice.


Consider me influenced, but I truly love HelloFresh. I have been getting the boxes pretty much every week since October and it has expanded my palate in ways I didn't know where possible! Could I actually make Zucchini and Sun Dried Tomato Risotto or Spicy Balsamic-Glazed Grilling Cheese over Rice with a Tomato-Walnut Relish from scratch? This is where I cue you to say "Yes, Chef!" ala "The Menu." I have now made probably 100 HelloFresh meals and I love how I always have something in the fridge for dinner that I can whip up and impress with. Plus, with the crazy costs at the grocery store with inflation, it keeps my grocery bill to $85/week for my boyfriend and I. Since we always have healthy and fresh food in the fridge, we go out less which helps me justify the price.


This lyric in track nine, "Crave", perfectly summarizes the main reason why I don't leave the house. I'm damn tired. Working in a new industry, making sure the dog gets walked, making meals and accomplishing the day's tasks are exhausting, and I am just a sleepy girl. I need a mandatory eight hours of sleep or I am a monster the next day.


Finally, track 3, "Running out of Time" is by far my favorite song off of the album and I have appropriately saved its lyrics for the best for last. This might be a slight stretch in my usage however. In the past year, I have picked up a gardening hobby. It wasn't serious at first, but I got a monstera and then another, and then propagated two paddle cactus, before adding a succulent, basil and spinach plant to my roster. I most recently planted green onions, but they aren't faring well. I think I planted them too shallow. Gardening has truly been a lovely way to spend my time and I most definitely cannot do that outside of my house.

So, these are all the current reasons why I can't leave the house!

That, and of course, I am listening to This is Why on repeat. What are you listening to and why can't you be bothered to leave the house? Leave a comment below.


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