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  • Maddie LaBerge

Keeping it Local: the Importance of Supporting Local Music

Music is a universal language that brings people together, no matter their background or culture. It has the power to evoke emotions and create memories that last a lifetime. In today's world of digital streaming and easy access to pop icons through social media, it is easy to forget the importance of supporting local musicians by attending their gigs and cheering them on.

State 48 Band performs for an energetic crowd.
State 48 Band performs for an energetic crowd in Phoenix, Arizona.

Saturday night, I had the pleasure of attending a gig by the State 48 Band, made up of Phoenix musicians, Mark Lindsey, Von Wagner, Marky B and David Marshall Bornhoft at Hole-in-the-Wall BBQ Joint. Performing on the open-air patio with breathtaking mountain and water views, their music brought the audience to life, and it was clear that they were seasoned professionals who have enthusiasm for delivering an outstanding show and a fun evening ambiance. A testament to State 48 Band's commitment to their craft, the musicians, in some capacity, have been playing for over 45 years.

"Back in the late 70's, some high school friends decided that they wanted to become “Rock Stars”, so a band was formed… “Ironwood”. Focusing on the great rock songs from the late 60s through the 70s, Ironwood grew in popularity. Over the past 45+ years a few members have changed, however the core of the band remains. With a fresh line up, it was decided that a new band name was in order and since we all love Arizona, we wanted to be associated with The Great Copper State, so the “State 48 Band” was born." via

Attending local gigs like this is not only a great way to enjoy live music (without the exorbitant Ticketmaster fees) but also a way to support the local community. By attending gigs, you are not only supporting the musicians, but also the local economy, as the money you spend on tickets, dinner or drinks goes directly to the venue and the local businesses that support it.

David Marshall Bornhoft smiles as he moves the groove forward on the set.
David Marshall Bornhoft smiles as he moves the groove forward on the set.

Jamming to a local band promotes a sense of community and pride in one's hometown. Local musicians are a representation of the city they come from, and their music can become a source of identity for the community. By attending their gigs and cheering them on, you are showing your support for your local community and its cultural identity.

State 48 Band's Mark Lindsey on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, has an energetic stage presence and frequently encourages audience participation, keeping them engaged and on the dance floor. Von Wagner on guitar, bass and vocals has the ability to effortlessly switch between different genres, from soulful country to hard-hitting rock, a testament to his versatility as a musician. Throughout the set, Wagner's technical skill and innate sense of musicality shone through, as he delivered several awe-inspiring guitar solos. Marky B's rhythmic sensibility and impeccable timing on bass were a highlight of the performance, driving the band's grooves forward and eliciting enthusiastic responses from the audience. David Marshall Bornhoft's use of percussion instruments outside of the standard drum kit, added depth and complexity to the set. His nuanced use of dynamics added texture and interest to the band's sound, keeping the audience engaged and captivated.

"We bring a fun, interactive, experience to every event. Our focus is the audience, playing a variety of classic rock and country tunes from the 60s though the 80s. All of our members are seasoned professionals who absolutely love what we do and are always adding new material to our repertoire." via

Attending local gigs allows you to discover new music and talent that you may not have come across otherwise. Local musicians are often undiscovered gems, and their gigs can offer a unique and authentic musical experience that can't be found elsewhere. By attending their performances, you are not only supporting the musicians but also helping to promote their music to a wider audience.

Marky B plays bass, while Mark Lindsey takes up lead vocals.
Marky B plays bass, while Mark Lindsey takes up lead vocals.

The State 48 Band is an excellent example of the kind of local talent that deserves our support. Their focus on audience engagement and passion for the music was evident in every note they played.

Attending this gig was a reminder of the power of live music to bring people together and create memories that last a lifetime. So, the next time you have the chance to attend a local gig, take it, and support your local musicians. You won't regret it.


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