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Opening Steve's October BarkBox

Steve's October BarkBox

I am coming up on my first BarkBox anniversary, which made this unboxing extra special! With themes from Italy to outer space, the subscription I have comes with two "super chewer" toys, two chews and two bags of treats.

Opening the October BarkBox

I tore open the tape after bringing it up to my apartment and Steve sat down, anxiously awaiting his newest haul. October's theme is Howl-O-Ween and this is what the box had to say:

"It's the most fur-ightening night of the year... and your lil' hellhound is cordially invited to live it up with the living dead at the super chewer howl-o-ween party! There's so much fiendish fun to behead...Er–be had-with terrifyingly tough toys and monstrously meaty treats that are sure to keep your pup in high spirits. Just remember: when it's time to leave, don't bother saying goodbye. This is the kind of party where everybody ghosts."

Steve's October BarkBox

The Toys

Vampower Bat

First up, the Vampower Bat! This bad boy smells like vanilla and is solid nylon. You would think this thing would be no match for Steve, but he's learned through his nylon butterfly, macaroni, and Valentine's Day heart how to tear something like this up. It is day one and he has been able to dig his teeth into it, but I'm sure this is one is going to enter the rotation as a primary chew toy.

Steve's October BarkBox

Bark specifically says this toy is good for serious chewing and peanut butter or yogurt for enrichment!

Neon Boo Chew

Next up is the Neon Boo Chew. Bark says this ghost is scary-fun with a wacky bounce! One of the best parts is that you can hide some tasty treats inside to let your dog know there’s more than meats the eye.

Steve's October BarkBox

The Treats

This month's treats featured Moo Moo Pies, Gobble Soft Bakes and Pumpkin Spice Food Topper! The Moo Moo Pies have a beef recipe with oatmeal and molasses. The Gobble Soft Bakes have a turkey recipe with berries, truly a fall delicacy. Finally, the "Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Food Topper" is a powdered topper that only needs water and a mix before adding it to your dog's food bowl.

Steve's October BarkBox

In all honesty, I haven't used it yet. We've been moving (which has been a whole THING) and I haven't gotten around to it, but it's hanging out on Steve's food bin. I'm sure it will be a welcome treat, as if there's a treat that's unwelcome!

Steve's Reaction

I don't know if Steve has ever had a bad reaction to a BarkBox, but the toys are already getting a lot of love. The treats are always a hit and a great training tool that I always bring along on our morning walks.

Total rating

This box is going to get an 9/10. Steve absolutely loves his toys and chewed on them both all night after we opened the box! I docked one point because this box I (selfishly) wanted the Holy Sheet or King Mutt toy. Luckily, Steve is satisfied and has yet to grow thumbs to access the internet, so he has no idea there were other options to begin with.

We can't wait for next month's box!


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