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Opening Steve's September BarkBox

I have been subscribed to BarkBox for almost a full year and like most subscription boxes, the thrill of opening my mailbox to find a package with a surprise theme floods my monkey brain with serotonin. With themes from Italy to outer space, the subscription I have comes with two "super chewer" toys, two chews and two bags of treats. It's really fantastic for multiple reasons.

September Super Chewer Bark Box

Why I love the Super Chewer Bark Box

One, the Super Chewer box has saved both my wallet (metaphorically) and my shoes (literally) from destruction. These toys are indestructible. And this is coming from a gal who lost multiple pairs of shoes to Steve's destructive ways in the early days.

Two, the box is cost-effective. Steve is still playing with toys he received in December, whereas the toys we've purchased here and there at PetSmart have seen better days with most in tatters. With the added bonus of treats, I never have to even think about purchasing any!

Three, their copywriter is genius and truly has a dream job. Each box's theme is truly taken to heart with the toy names and puns on the explainer that comes with each box.

All this being said, let's open up Steve's September BarkBox.

Opening the September BarkBox

This month I noticed that they cut down their packaging size, which was cool to see. It definitely didn't need the larger box that it was coming in with what was inside. I tore open the tape after bringing it up to my apartment and Steve sat down, anxiously awaiting his newest haul.

The Theme

September's theme is The Grrreat Outdoors, which was what I was hoping for! This is what the box had to say: There's nuthin' like ruffin' it in the woods. That's why we took all the materials, textures, and sounds we love about the outdoors and packed them into the Grrreat Outdoors box. Time to chase squirrels off the beaten path, sniff (and pee on) trees, and howl around the chompfire. Happy tails, yappy campers!

September Super Chewer Bark Box theme

The Toys

Hardy Honeycomb

First up, the Hardy Honeycomb! This bad boy smells like peanut butter and is solid nylon. You would think this thing would be no match for Steve, but he's learned through his nylon butterfly, macaroni, and Valentine's Day heart how to tear something like this up. It is day one and he has been able to dig his teeth into it, but like the other toys I just mentioned, I'm sure this is one is going to enter the rotation as a primary chew toy.

Bark specifically says this toy is good for serious chewing and peanut butter or yogurt for enrichment!

The Hardy Honeycomb from BarkBox

Chompfire Bear

Next up is the Chompfire Bear. Bark says your dog can cuddle up by the fire with this fabric-covered toy and its wacky wobble that makes gnawing more engaging. Determined chewers will find a fresh rubber toy beneath the fabric layer, perfect for squeaking during games of fetch.

Steve is – you guessed it – a determined chewer and unfortunately after one evening of chewing, bear is now missing an ear, snout and eye. He loves these 2 toys in 1 and I'm excited to see the toy underneath!

The Chompfire Bear from BarkBox

The Treats

This month's treats featured Gobble Jerky Squares, Cheesy Peasy Soft Bakes and an Apple Cinnamon Flavor Dognut! The Jerky Squares have a turkey recipe with pumpkin and cranberries – the perfect fall treat. The Cheesy Peasy Soft Bakes have a cheese recipe with chickpeas, truly a snack after my own heart. Finally, Apple Cinnamon Flavor Dognut is proclaimed as a hole-some treat. Doughnuts are Max's favorite food, so the boys will have to twin with their sweet treats sometime soon.

Gobble Jerky Squares, Cheesy Peasy Soft Bakes and an Apple Cinnamon Flavor Dognut in September's BarkBox
Gobble Jerky Squares, Cheesy Peasy Soft Bakes and an Apple Cinnamon Flavor Dognut treats.

Steve's Reaction

I don't know if Steve has ever had a bad reaction to a BarkBox, but if the photos below are any indication, the toys are already getting a lot of love. The treats are always a hit and a great training tool that I always bring along on our morning walks.

September BarkBox Chompfire Bear
No bear stands a chance with Steve.

September BarkBox
The Hardy Honeycomb has Steve buzzing for a good chomp.

Total rating

This box is going to get an 8/10. Steve absolutely loves his toys and chewed on them both all night after we opened the box! I docked two points because this box only came with one special treat instead of two chews and because I (selfishly) wanted the Fall Fetch Stick, Tough Grrrizzly, S’more to Love or the Hard-Burnin’ Chompfire. Luckily, Steve is satisfied, so I will let that speak for itself.

We can't wait for next month's box!


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