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My garden, professional win and other things that brought me joy this week | June 10

Thanks for being here! Let me give you a little context: This is the first post of a new series that I hope to keep consistent on the blog. It's about things that brought me joy throughout the week. I'll include links and cute photos for each reason but I am not setting myself a requirement on how many things have to go on each week. I like starting out with very manageable expectations...

1. The Music Video I was in officially dropping

A few weeks back, my dear friend approached me to ask if I would like to be in a music video with her. I enthusiastically agreed and we found ourselves outside of a Mesa theatre on a Thursday evening awaiting entry to film the music video for Blame by The Maine. We were all dressed in black from head-to-

toe, as requested by the call sheet. I joked that I had never seen so many people, myself and my friend included, wearing either Vans or Converse. Anyway, it was really fun. We acted like we were at a concert and jumped around, clapped and danced while the band members crowd surfed back and forth. We listened to Blame around 20 times, which I didn't mind becuase I think its a banger, but also jammed to Harry Styles' top hits and Taylor Swift's All Too Well (10 minute version) (Taylor's Version). The disco balls were probably my favorite part.

2. My rocking chairs out on my porch

For Valentine's Day, Max bought us a pair of rocking chairs and it was the best gift ever. I use them so often. The weather has been unseasonably pleasant here in Phoenix and I've used it to my advantage by journaling outside or gardening while hanging out in the chairs. These bring a little smile to my face every time I get to really enjoy our outdoor balcony, with the plants of course.

3. My thriving garden

Which brings me of course, to my thriving garden. This week, I tried my hand at propagating my large monstera. I propagated around eight cuttings, so I am hoping they all last about three weeks in the water before I can plant them in soil and they (hopefully) take to it. I would just really love to have 6-8 smaller monsteras around the inside of my house rather than just one monster monstera that can only live outside due to its size. Plus, when I pulled it out of the soil, I saw that it was practically being strangled, with its roots formed around the pot. All to say, things are looking green and green is good!

4. Taking headshots at work this week

This week, I was tasked with taking some headshots of the managing director of the resort that I work at. While I was technically trained in videography and broadcast journalism principals, I know my way enough around a camera and some Adobe products (mostly Photoshop & Lightroom for photography) to make a small photoshoot look nice enough. Luckily, the managing director has a sense of humor and we took a few fun photos that really made my week.

5. Starting Yoga with Adrienne's 30 days of yoga challenge

I have recently been making more of an effort to do yoga semi-regularly, if not every day because I know that when I do it, I am much happier, focused and centered. I really feel like when I am doing it, I am taking care of my body and also my mind, challenging them both with the practice, but also approaching each

practice with a gentle mindset, listening to my body's limitations on a day-to-day basis. I am on day 10 of the challenge, and really loving the pace. Whether you have a little bit, a lot, or absolutely zero yoga knowledge, I really recommend any of her videos to take you through a practice. Her playlists are really comprehensive, with some separated by time of practice (10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 1 hour, etc.) or others with certain intentions or practice experience.

6. Getting to season 6 of Vanderpump Rules... I am so close but so far away from Scandoval

Getting to season 6 truly feels like a journey within itself. I had never been a Vanderpump Rules viewer

but the drama of the last season seemed too juicy to miss out on. Several of my coworkers felt the same way, as we were all big fans of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, and needed a new show to chat about. We all started from season 1 at different times and some of us are much further ahead than others. Some of them are already in season 8 or 9. The reason I can't fly through this show is because it is just so... loud. They just scream at each other all the time and sometimes, I just need a break. But now, I am so much closer to Scandoval than I ever have been. And with the new reunion episode that just dropped, I feel like I need to start watching more intently.

7. Watching Get Out with a group of my friends on National Movie Night

My dear friend who is a bit of a cinephile has started to plan movie nights for a few of her friends over the summer. I had been invited to see Get Out and was very much looking forward to seeing it for the second time alongside some of my great friends, and also observe Max watching it for the first time. The day of, I was on social media and saw that Friday was actually National Movie Night. It was an unplanned coincidence, but felt nice to be able to celebrate regardless.

8. My new Western Wear stamps I got at the post office

Finally, it was my friend Courtney's birthday this past week (happy 27th!!) and I sent her a birthday card in the mail of course. I had just run out of my famed dinosaur stamps that I had bought several pages of. The USPS store didn't have many options, but luckily they had some that caught my eye! They were called 'Western Wear' and they showcase rustic hand drawn images of cowboy boots, cowboy hats, western shirts and a belt buckle. They were adorable and totally gave me a little but of joy as I sent the card with a little boot on it.

These are just a few of the things that brought me joy this past week. I am looking forward to reviewing these at the end of the year or later on in life. Cheers y'all!


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